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  • Italian marketing consultants specialising in market research and assistance for multinational and small to medium sized businesses.Intermediary solutions for import export businesses distributors agent management bilingual english italian speaking staff
  • Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions for International Business
  • Transforming Irish Industry
  • Enel produces and sells electricity and gas across Europe, North and Latin America. Enel is now established in 21 countries around the world with approximately 100.000 MW of generating capacity and serves about 50 million power and gas customers.
  • Formazione coaching. SCOA, scuola di coaching a Milano, Torino, Genova e Roma specializzata in corsi di formazione in executive coaching e percorsi individuali di business coaching per manager.
  • The goal of BIOINNO is to develop an accelerated route to entrepreneurship education to ready the next generation of talents to turn vision into reality. Besides, BIOINNO proposes an innovation transfer model between Industry and Academia to foster a bi-directional flow of knowledge, research and innovation.
    In addition, due to cross-border collaboration in research and education that has recently grown along with the development of information and communication technologies, the proposed model envisaged the mobility of students and teachers between partners’ institutions, taking into account economic, political and cultural considerations.






















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